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2d game development, no engines.


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Hi everyone!


I'm brand new to this forum - I found it through html5 game dev weekly.


In the last couple of weeks I've begun a project to recreate Dragon Warrior 4 (NES) in HTML5 using no game engines. This is my first ever game and so far the process has been really fun!


I'm posting on here in order to get some feedback and hopefully find some people who I can run ideas by.  For this project I've decided to create a YouTube series documenting the process, all my mistakes, etc so if this sounds interesting to you then please subscribe!




You can find the code for my project on Github:



Also a playable version is hosted on Github as well:



This project has been super fun so far to work on and I'm already learning a ton. But, I'm probably making a lot of mistakes and doing things seasoned game devs like yourself know not to do. So I'm looking for some feedback/suggestions.


One issue I'm struggling with at the moment is...


In my game the map is one single image (4096x4096) and I am using ctx.drawImage to draw just the section of the image that's necessary to show around the character.  In the actual game when the character moves around, this background image scrolls very smoothly.  In my version there is an obvious "step" or jitter when the user moves around.  I BELIEVE (could be wrong here) that I've achieved smooth scrolling in the sense that you don't see missing tiles as you move around... but I'm looking into how to get rid of the jitter that you see when moving around?  Perhaps I need to animate/transition the actual character sprite as it's moving around instead of just changing the position right away?


Anyway I would love your feedback on everything and I hope to post here more often soon!



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