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Question about the memory taken from loaded images


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I read somewhere that it's important to pay attention on the size of your images to be a degree of the 2 ( I really have no idea how this is said in English but I mean 4, 16 , 32 ...) And if for an example your image has 1025 width and height y it will take the same memory as an image with width 2048 and height y (or in other words the closest bigger degree of the 2) which of course is a huge memory loss.


My question is: is the same for the spritesheets? Because if I have for an example 10 images with size 224x512 if I load them 1 by 1 I will lose 10x32 = 320 memory (because 256 - 224 = 32 )  but If I load them as a sprite sheet with size 2240x512 I will lose 4096-2240= 1856 memory. Now the plus of the spritesheet is that I will not use loadtexture to change the image but I will lose a lot more memory. For 1 sprite may seems ok but if they are a lot that's a problem.


So is that true or the spritesheets load in different way?

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