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navEditor with pathfinding


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Hey everyone,


I've been working on a NavMesh path finding plugin for Phaser and I've created a NavMesh editor.  I've uploaded it here so please check it out.  If anyone sees a way to improve the path finding or even the editor, let me know.  I'm still researching the subject so I'm not sure everything is the most optimized.  I also know there are a few issues I still have to work out.


To use the tool,


1. Browse for a picture and upload it.

2. Under the Edit menu item select Draw Collision Object Points

3. Click on the image to insert points.

4. Press C to create the collision object and the nav mesh will be generated.

5. Once the nav mesh is created press the New Path Menu item to show the test path Start and end points.  Keep pressing it to get random positions.



You can drag the object around and right-click on the map to get quick access to a few options.




I just pushed out a version that includes an experimental Lights plugin.  Granted it's limited, but I am going to try and do a lot more with it and beef up the capabilities.  It's based off Byron Knolls work with visibility polygons.  Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions or feedback on how it could probably easily be improved.  And if anyone wants to contribute anything to the project, be my guest.

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It's really late and I'm about to call it a night, but if anyone downloads the editor and upgrades to Phaser 2.3, it looks like the generateTexture sprites don't show up when you create a collision object.  I will look more into it tomorrow. Probably some small tweak I will need to make to be able to upgrade.

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