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Resuming a game when it has been paused


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Hi everybody !


I'm creatin a little game (you can test the prototype here : http://www.baptistemenard.com/pixeltank/level.html) and I got a little problem : I can't resume when the game is paused, because obviously the game loop is stopped. I searched on the internet (maybe poorly and I'm sorry beforehand) but I didn't found cases like mine.


Here is my pause sprite code :

// Affiche les images de navigationUserInterface.prototype.drawNavigation = function() {	// Pause 	this.pause = game.add.sprite(600, 12, 'pause');	this.pause.inputEnabled = true;	this.pause.events.onInputDown.add(pauseOrResume, this);	// Aide	this.help = game.add.sprite(660, 12, 'help');	// Quitter 	this.exit = game.add.sprite(720, 12, 'exit');}

... and the callback :

function pauseOrResume(event, sprite) {	// Pause 	if (!game.paused) {		game.paused = true;		// Bouton play		userInterface.pause.loadTexture('resume');	}	// Resume 	else {		game.paused = false;		// Bouton pause 		userInterface.pause.loadTexture('pause');	}}

Thanks for help !

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I'm not very experienced as well, but I had a similar problem. If game.paused is set to true, update() won't run anymore, so InputDown won't be checked.

There are 2 solutions:


1) Not sure if this will work, but you can try it: While paused, the game will run through pauseUpdate() - just implement it similar to the update() function, it will only run when the game is paused. You might try to check for onInputDown() there.


2) Don't use game.paused = false. I don't know if this is bad style, but it works for me. My update() function looks like this:

if (!paused) {   this.doThis();   this.doThat();   ...} else {   this.pauseUpdate();}

So just add a global variable "paused" which is set to "false" by default. Set it to "true" if your pauseOrResume() function. You can then decide which functions will still be run while your game is run and check for the InputDown event while pause is set to false.



Hope I could help you!

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