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gulp compilation : error in typescript module ?


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To fix my last wrong PR, I re-started everything from scratch.

It is to say : to delete my github forked repo, my local repo, and then to fork again the BJS repo and to clone it again, then to install gulp, etc.

As usual to do clean PR (else I just couldn't achieve it)


Today, re-forking-cloning-npming, etc.



Now, I want to compile my new code and test it again before pushing/PRing.

And :



$ gulp typescript[09:19:44] Using gulpfile /var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/gulpfile.js[09:19:44] Starting 'typescript-to-js'.../var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/node_modules/typescript/bin/typescript.js:24325            processRootFile(host.getDefaultLibFileName(options), true);                                 ^TypeError: Object #<Host> has no method 'getDefaultLibFileName'    at Object.createProgram (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/node_modules/typescript/bin/typescript.js:24325:34)    at Project.compile (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/release/project.js:255:27)    at /var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/release/main.js:63:32    at Project.resolveAll (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/release/project.js:213:13)    at CompileStream.compile (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/release/main.js:62:27)    at CompileStream.end (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-typescript/release/main.js:75:14)    at DestroyableTransform.onend (/var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-sourcemaps/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_readable.js:523:10)    at DestroyableTransform.g (events.js:180:16)    at DestroyableTransform.emit (events.js:117:20)    at /var/www/html/BJS/Babylon.js/Tools/Gulp/node_modules/gulp-sourcemaps/node_modules/through2/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_readable.js:965:16

It just worked yesterday with the former gulp version (at last the March 30th version)

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Hi gkirill,


welcome to the forum :-)


The problem was addressed in the last gulp update, this should actually work well now. The gulp file was completely changed, gulp typescript should now compile using tsc 1.4+, even if you have 1.5 installed.

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