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Would you like reading PIXI's documentation this way?

Nikolay Tsenkov

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Hi guys,
I've built an app called Pagehop (a launcher for the web) and I just released a new version, which includes a plugin ("recipe" as they are called in Pagehop) for the documentation of pixi.js.
Basically, you can search and read the online docs of PIXI through Pagehop, which is always a key-shortcut away from you. So wherever you are, you just press Ctrl + Option + Space (only on Mac, right now, coming on Windows later this year) to open up Pagehop and for example to search the docs for the Sprite class, you just write:
pixi sprite class

and this is the result

The app has a free, unlimited evaluation period, so you can try it out for as long as you like before paying anything for it. Just download and install!
The recipe is open-source and if you like to make an improvement - please, fork the repo and submit a pull request, or post in this thread so we can discuss it. I'd be happy to receive contributions.
I hope this will be helpful to you. Please, don't hesitate to post your thoughts about it - I am always looking for feedback.
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BTW, I forgot to mention - using Pagehop you can read pretty much any core web-related docs - through MDN you can get a reference for JS, CSS and HTML, and through DocSearch... well the list is too big to post here, but you can check them out.


One other thing, that you might enjoy is the CodeSearch recipe (using the API of searchcode.com), which basically allows you to search an index of more than 7 000 000 projects from Github, Bitbucket, Codeplex and other sources. So whenever you wonder how to use some function or instantiate a specific class of object, you could search for examples in real-world projects. You can even specify source (Github etc.), language (javascript etc.) and/or repo name. Here you can check the sample usages of this recipe.


There are also recipes for jQuery's doc search, NPM (NodeJS) search, Stackoverflow search (which should be useful for any programming you do) etc.


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