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Recommendations for multiplayer game?


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I'm a php developer by trade, but have plenty of experience with javascript. I have a new project with Phaser in mind, but not quite sure what options would be available for me on a multiplayer project. The project is not multiplayer in the sense that a shooter or an MMO would be, but more like a traditional website. The player would do an action or press a button that would need to communicate with something like a mysql database and handle the information that is returned. The game would also be listening for events from the server like the player having been attacked or a special event being activated.


I originally thought to just bind ajax requests to button presses and use timeouts or something like that for the listeners, but I'm not even sure how something like that would work with Phaser and am pretty sure it's not even a good idea to implement in that way.


Could anyone pose some suggestions for solutions to something like this? I'm not opposed to having to learn to use some new tools  such as node or meteor, I'm just not sure where to even start looking. 

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