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Add enemies in 2d html5 game


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Hello, Im making an html5 game using no engine, only html, css and javascript. It's a tile-based rpg 2d game and Im stuck in putting enemies like zombies skeletons, etc. I always do a mistake and need to restart all from zero! How!!? Please someone,give me a sample basic code and please explain everything! ;)

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could you start by specifying what exactly is your problem?

You text doesn't make sense. Your problem is with graphics, algorithm or something more fundamental?

Listing what you did (what kind of mistakes you are talking about exactly and what do you mean by restart from zero?) would help as well.

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My suggestion is creating prototype first, make sure it is working properly. And about always restarting from zero, maybe you can refer to this article http://makegames.tumblr.com/post/1136623767/finishing-a-game


PS: I am newbie in game development, but that article change how I think about restarting a game project. And sorry for my bad english. :D

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