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Multiple Animations for One Sprite


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So I'm still having the problem with my player stopping the wrong animation with the animation manager, if I'm using the correct syntax and all that. 


I have a player sprite which is loaded with a walking right spritesheet and an animation added with the key 'walk'. At the press of a certain Keyboard key I would like to add & play other animations after the key press. This will work as long as I don't stop the walk animation in my player movement function.


Calling player.animations.stop('walk') seems to stop all animations even though I give it the specific key for the walk animations. I have the walk being stopped in a player movement function when no movement key is pressed, and this function is called in update() to allow the player to walk left and right at a key press.


So does anyone know why is this stopping all of my animations?


One thing I could think of was since it's constantly being called when no keys are up in goes through and stops the walk animation and then just ignores the key i have given since walk is gone and deletes the next animation in the list.



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