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problems on p2 physics - basic mouvment and collision


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Hi everyone,


I have a little problem and i don't find the solution in the doc.

I have three sprites : the ground and two differents players. I implemented correctly the collisions for that both players collide together and with the ground.


First problem : When I'm moving one player (with body.body.moveRight(300)), directly a counter is implemented. When this counter is finished, the player stop moving. However he stop moving but slips during a short instant. How can I delete this effect. (maybe a problem with velocity ???)


Second problem : When one player collide the second player. everything is ok except that the first player push the second player. I would like that the first player collides with the other like against a wall. How can I do that (with static parameter, the second player cannot move ...)


Thanks a lot for your answers.

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