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ArcRotateCamera.target different than FreeCamera.lockedTarget?


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Hello everyone!


I just created a playground




to ask a question...


The two cameras I created, should be the same, right?


Same position and same target (they both have the sphere as the target)


So, why are they different?


You can see it by clicking on the playground and then press Z key and X key and you see the difference


the target property is computed differently for both cameras?


What I want to achieve is to use the ArcRotateCamera targeting an object till the user press a certain key, then use a FreeCamera which will follow the same object moving around


Please, help me!

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so the problem is the order in which you are executing the functions.

The setPosition function of an arc rotate camera is using the camera's target to set the camera's position correctly. if you run the setPosition before setting the target, the position of the camera will not be the same as the position of the FreeCamera you set earlier.

Two solutions:


http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2KEJW6#2 - run it in the correct order

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2KEJW6#1 - set the sphere as the target in the constructor already.


In both solutions pressing x and z provide the same results.

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