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Looking for 2D Artists, Audio Designers and Beta Testers

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Hey Guys,

I'm not sure if this is the right place for my inquiry, however, I have been programming on a huge HTML 5 MMO in the past 3 months.

The game is a trading card game, pokemon / tame monsters, quiz, rpg, mmo mashup.

I'm actually pretty close to reach the state, that all I have left to do is filling the Database with data (doh), creating graphics and audios.

The Game itself is written entirely in Canvas/WebGL, targeting Desktop users.

Later on a mobile version should be rather easy to create, just repositioning some icons and menus. No big deal. (That's what they said.)

But I need a bunch of people to help me finish up the game.

  • Audio Designer - You either can create Background Music / Sound Effects on your own or you at least have the ability to pick the right music / sounds from various royality free audio resources. I simply don't have the budget nor knowledge yet to do this on my own.
  • 2D Artist - The game will require a minimum Set of at least 50-200 different Monsters, 10 different Maps, several Particle Effects for the Skills. I already have a few designers but looking at the scale of the game, I don't want them to push themselves too much at this stage.
  • UI Designer - My game's ui is heavily inspired by an MMO that I played in the past. This is something I can do on my own but I wouldn't mind a helping hand. Especially to free my mind from said MMO.
  • Beta Testers - I need people willing to test my game and to report bugs. Especially compatibility issues and game breaking bugs. For each reported bug, there will be a reward of ingame currency (crystals/diamonds) when the game goes live).
  • Level Designer - I need people with good ideas regarding Story Line, Quest Design, Map Design, etc.
  • Item / Skill / Monster Designer - Just as the Level Designer, you are responsible to keep the game's balance. I need people willing to sacrifice their freetime to invent items, skills and monsters.
Those are unpaid jobs, however, if the game does generate revenue, then i might be able to actually pay you for your work.

If you want to actually play the game after it goes live, there could be a ingame reward for everyone that helped.


Here are a few screenshots of my game:










Please send me a private message, if you are interested in participating in this game.

The game itself is written like a mmo framework, the code can be redesigned and reused for other MMO games,so there should be a lot opportunities for you to realize your own ideas.

I'm looking forward to any private messages.

On a sidenote: I'm really busy and rarely check my messages, so I might need some time to reply.


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Your project is very intresting. I worked as graphic designer from 2010. I help with some mobile games for children as a character and level designer for AE. Now I work as an animator (Toon Boom Studio) for Blackcurrant studio.
I usually use Adobe Illustrator/Corel/InkScape for vector graphic. I can do simple animation in Toon Boom, and I also use Photoshop, but I prefer to use it to manipulate photographs, making sketches and for retouch.
I want to hear more about your project, coz maybe I could help.
Here is a links to my folio, but it's in polish 
http://erisgrim.wix.com/portfolio#!ilustracje-wektorowe/c1zjr - vector illustration
http://erisgrim.wix.com/portfolio#!portfolio/c21l8 - character design
Sandra Domanska
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