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Multi touch - how to get local position for each fingers


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Hello everyone.

I am trying to use the touch events in PIXI and I do not know how to get the local position of each finger, I have this:

stage = new PIXI.Container (); // general containerspriteParent = new PIXI.sprite (texture); // for transformsspriteChild = new PIXI.sprite (texture); // for transformsspriteParent.addChild (spriteChild);stage.addChild (spriteParent);stage.touchstart = function (event) { // for two fingers     var point = event.data.getLocalPosition (spriteParent); // this give me the local position for one finger relative to spriteParent coordinates     var finger_1_x = event.data.originalEvent.touches[0].pageX; // these give me the position for two fingers     var finger_1_y = event.data.originalEvent.touches[0].pageY; // but how I get the local position for those?     var finger_2_x = event.data.originalEvent.touches[1].pageX;     var finger_2_y = event.data.originalEvent.touches[1].pageY;     };


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I didn't have time to test, put can you try to pass the touch location in the getLocalPosition ?

var pt = new PIXI.Point(event.data.originalEvent.touches[0].clientX, event.data.originalEvent.touches[0].clientY);var localPt = event.data.getLocalPosition(spriteParent, pt);

If it's not working (probably), you can always create your own touches manager. The touchstart function is called for each touch, so you can store all of them :

var touches = [];stage.touchstart = mousedown();stage.touchend = mouseup();var mousedown = function(event){   var touch = {      id: event.data.identifier,      pos: event.data.getLocalPosition(this.view)   };   touches.push(touch);};var mouseup = function(event){   for (var i = 0; i < touches.length; i++) {      if(touches[i].id === event.data.identifier)      {         touches.splice(i,1);      }   };};

This worked for me :)

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