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differing behavior between webgl and canvas


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For some reason the "injector" is stuck in the middle of the screen for canvas and doesn't update it's position, but in WebGL it works:


WebGL: http://mindsforge.com/random/LD32/index.html

Canvas: http://mindsforge.com/random/LD32/canvas.html


Have any ideas?


I believe these are the relevant lines in the update function (thegame.js:115):

var point = Phaser.Circle.circumferencePoint(this.view_ring, this.val);this.injector.x = point.x;this.injector.y = point.y;this.injector.rotation = this.game.physics.arcade.angleBetween(this.injector, this.view_ring) + 1.5;

The silent bugs are the hardest :(




PS: I first used Phaser for LD32 and it was great, thanks for this library!

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As I was working on this issue, I found an old topic with another bug I ran into while trying to fix things: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/7622-tilesprite-anchor-behaving-differently-in-canvas-vs-webgl/


No responses there either, hmm



Here's an example of the anchor behaving different between webgl and canvas:


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