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marketing, marketing  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:



BTW, about BJS marketing, I just did a short informal demo of my 3D weathermap to university and engineer school system administrators last thursday... 2' at the end of conf, improvised and not planned, just after 3 hours of serious academic formal standard tools show and conf : huge networks, monster logs, Tb to parse, reports, stark 2D graphs, many blade centers for monitoring, etc


Well...my turn : a browser, html5 + bjs, that's all

The audience was just then stunned !  :D

"Can we just see the network live trafic in 3D so easily ???"


They all want the stuff now  ;)

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actually it's quite poor in terms of 3D dev compared to what people on this forum are used to see 

prototype here : http://logiciels.iut-rodez.fr/proto/weathermap/


But they (the university sysadmins) are just used to text data logs or, at best, to 2D static tools which require big servers, RAM mountains, race CPU... and weeks of configuration. And they are used to a posteriori data.


So when they discover an ultra-basic tool (a browser + a ruby script, no need of server) showing the same data live, animated and in 3D, they are just stunned !


I submitted a paper about this prototype for next JRES big conf in december. If accepted, I will complete this prototype to something more achieved (and more flashy : BJS power)  :P

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