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Play sprite frames when mouse hold and move

Junaid Rao

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i am new to phaser and js, i run into a problem when building a test game , the scenario is this


i have a sprite with animation in it

game.load.atlasXML('lefteye', 'images/Sprites/left_eye.png', 'images/Sprites/left_eye.xml');leftEye = game.add.sprite(22, 60, 'lefteye', 'Left eye0000');leftEye.anchor.setTo(0,0);

I want to play frame one by one when user click and drag mouse on the sprite, i tired 

game.input.addMoveCallback(diffX, this);

but it give me access to the click object properties


i tried like this

var item = pointer.targetObject;console.log("ClientX\t"+item+"\t x   "+x+"   y   "+y+"   isDown   "+isDown);

is it possible to change frame of sprite when move hold and move in phaser or not


any kind of help is much appreciated,


Thanks in advance



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