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Hermite Spline added in Curve3


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Added methog length() to curve3 : returns the total length of the curve
Added the Hermite Spline curve to the curve3 collection.

var hermite = BABYLON.Curve3.CreateHermiteSpline(p1, t1, p2, t2, nbPoints);
  • p1 : initial point
  • t1 : initial tangent vector
  • p2 : final point
  • t2 : final tangent vector


This curve is based on the internal BJS Vector3.Hermite.
It is very useful to smoothly continue or close other curves by using their first and last segments as Hermite tangents.

example : smoothly closing two concatened cubic bezier curves

// two concatened cubic Beziervar cubicA = BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCubicBezier(vA0, vA1, vA2, vA3, 50);var cubicB = BABYLON.Curve3.CreateCubicBezier(vB0, vB1, vB2, vB3, 50);var continued = cubicA.continue(cubicB);// initial Hermite values from continued first and last segmentsvar t = continued.length() / 2;                             // tangent scale factorvar points = continued.getPoints();var p1 = points[points.length - 1];                         // last continued point = first hermite pointvar t1 = (p1.subtract(points[points.length - 2])).scale(t); // last segment scaled = hermite tangent t1var p2 = points[0];                                         // first continued point = last hermite pointvar t2 = (points[1].subtract(p2)).scale(t);                 // first segment scaled = hermite tangent t2var hermite = BABYLON.Curve3.CreateHermiteSpline(p1, t1, p2, t2, 50);continued = continued.continue(hermite);// finally drawing a smooth closed curvevar closedCurve = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateLines("closed", continued.getPoints(), scene);
PR pending


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