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mousedown triggers two events instead of one


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I'm developing a game framework and I've just migrated to Pixi.js V3. After some bumps on the road - undocumented loader & interaction management changes - I've managed to put it in the working state.


However, one problem is pestering me: every time I press a mouse button on the sprite or container, or release it, two events are registered instead of one - two on the 'mousedown' and two on the 'mouseup'. This happens with left as well as with right mouse button. Now, I did not change anything in my code and everything was working fine with Pixi.js V2.


Does someone know what is going on here?


Thank you in advance!



I've just realized that two events are produced because I have manually instantiated InteractionManager with

new PIXI.interaction.InteractionManager(renderer);

Apparantly, pixi automatically creates an interaction manager. However, I do not know how to find the reference to that manager.

I need to read out container mouse position in every tick...



I've just opened a new topic here, because this issue is resolved initself, but my problem of reading a mouse position in every frame in pixi V3 isn't.

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