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Stop collision from happening once alien has been shot at.


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In the space invaders example, if instead of killing the alien you add it to a new group and change the sprite. The score does not increase when you shoot the now dead alien, but you CAN still shoot it. I think this is because the explosion is set up on the invader sprite (forEach(setUpInvader... 

    explosions = game.add.group();    explosions.createMultiple(30, 'kaboom');    explosions.forEach(setupInvader, this);

and setUpInvader :

function setupInvader (invader) {    invader.anchor.x = 0.5;    invader.anchor.y = 0.5;    invader.animations.add('kaboom');}

i'm turning my deadAliens into flowers. But once I've done that, and put the deadAliens into a new group, you can still shoot at them because .... why?   :(

Is there some way I can just disable collision from happening once they've been shot at once?


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