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What can someone expect to pay for a minigame?


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Hello everyone!  I am going to launch a site that has minigames.  These games will give the user site currency and a trophy if they score well.  As with most things involved with this planned site, I am having trouble coming up with rough estimates of cost per feature.  I know I will have to essentially pay three people for each game, because every game needs coding, art and music/sound effects.  Is it all possible to get a general idea of the cost here?  For this first game, the movement is all in the same screen... that is, no side scrolling.  The character will try to absorb oncoming projectiles, with terrain destruction the result of failure.  The character will also need to discharge energy into a specific location before they can collect more (once a threshold is reached).  I hope that is enough information for my question.  Any help would be very much appreciated. 

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The most sensible thing to do would be to ask specific HTML5 devs for quotes, whose products you like.


They will however require -a lot- more info, like for instance: how good does the game need to be? (easiest to determine with reference games that show the level of quality you are aiming for).

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