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A Skybox Problem


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It has been a while since I first use a skybox - the Christmas village I created. Recently, I have been experimenting with skyboxes again - but with a larger terrain - and have run into a problem.


Now I have used a simplified version of code that I first found in Wingnut's "Skybox Tour" that is on the BJS examples webpage.


Here is my basic skybox using that code:


Basic Skybox - with both ground plane and skybox set to 1000x1000 (x,z dimensions)


Now I want to use a Blender created terrain and add the same skybox to it. Here are the results:


1: Skybox size =1000 - Skybox + blender terrain


2: Skybox size = 200 - Skybox + blender terrain


In case 1, the skybox does not show - just the red "clearColor". But that skybox size  worked fine in basic example


I've tried it with BJS 1.14 and 2.0 with same results - so I don't think it is a problem with BJS. I suspect the problem lies with my code - but I have no idea where.


So suggestions welcome - as I'm not "sharpest knife in the drawer" when it comes to coding :unsure:


cheers, gryff :)




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maybe z clipping of the camera


TY for the suggestion Raanan. :)


I had tried to account for that by setting a maximum Z value of the camera to  2000.




I tried to set it with :

myCamera2.MaxZ= 2000;

when of course it should be:

myCamera2.maxZ= 2000;

I guess it just failed silently.


TY for making me go back and look at my code.


[gryff <--- bangs head on desk :wacko: ]


cheers, gryff :)

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