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Move to pointer (Touch/Mouse)


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Hello, I'm new to Phaser and i'm really getting into it. I've already made a couple of tutorials, and now i want to make my own game.


In the game I'm trying to develop, when I press the screen with a touch or with the mouse, the player should move to the point I touched with a certain amount of acceleration.


In the official Phaser examples i've got this piece of code:


player.rotation = game.physics.arcade.moveToPointer(player, 600, game.input.activePointer, 600);


With this code the player follows the mouse pointer and never stops unless the mouse is stopped, and i want to simply click or touch the screen and put the player moving to the point i've touched or clicked and stop there until i click or touch again in the screen.


Can someone help me?




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I've kind of found a solution.. This code seems to work:

if (game.input.mousePointer.isDown) {
        player.rotation = game.physics.arcade.moveToXY(player, game.input.x, game.input.y, 600, 600);
Anyway, if someone have a better solution it will be welcomed.
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