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Main game with a bunch of mini games.


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I've been trying out Phaser for mini games that make a part of a larger whole. So far it's working out great and haven't bumped into any problems yet with the games.


Problem is that they will go into a semi large project and in order to keep a good structure and compile times down I'd like to know how to be able to work on the games separately from the main app. The games themselves will also have states of their own.


Basically what I'm looking for is a solution like loading a sub.swf into a main.swf at some point in time and then later unload it again.


I've searched but haven't really found anything that answers my question.


In theory I could just link from one html page to another, but I don't think that really the way it should be.


Any clues for a direction to take would be greatly appreciated!





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