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Help with filereader.js


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I have the basic script to drag and drop a file into the browser, but have not quite figured out how to apply this to a dynamic texture.  Also, can any of you incredibly creative sorts find a way to save an updated dynamic texture on a ground object to disk?  This one is baffling me. :wacko:





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Hey db,

I do something similar with the material editor - drag and drop images, apply them as a texture and then upload them to a server. This can be a nice start.

I'm actually adding the images that are dropped to a canvas, so you can easily use it as dynamic texture as well.

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Hey RaananW,


Do you hve any code I can look at?  Thanks for helping - I'm almost finished with the multi-user creative drawing app, and don't want to leave any existing GUI functions I built for V2.

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