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Problem to get player.x on my enemy.js


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i try to compare my enemies position to my player position to make theme pursue the player.

My issue is that i have three JS, Enemy.js, Player.js ans Game.js


If i try to get this.player.x in the Enemy.js, it won't be able to find player (Cannot read property 'x' of null) even if i declare it at start ( this.player.x = null; ).


If i try to make it in the Game.js, where the enemies are contains in a group, i can't have the position of each ( console.log(this.enemyGroup.forEach.x);  is undefined ).


Can someone help me ?


You can see the start of my game at www.alekostolle.com/www


I need some help for my functions, so if someone is willing to help, he will be very welcome !

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