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Phaser load audio bug in firefox


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I have one problem with loading audio files at phaser.


Sometimes when i open my game at first time (clear all cache), i look at firebug that my sounds are loading now. And then after loading game became start. The problem is that all buttons doesn't clickable and i have no opportunities to make any action. When i refresh the page - it's all became good. 


But this problem is not permanent and i don't understand what the reason.


Help me please, it is very important

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As i know from my partners, the reason is not audio. The reason is disable click by button:
Below is a code:
1) object - simple js object
2) object.layer - link to created buton
3) If game starts i have two console.log messages: "set cursor" and "add event"
4) Then i try to click the button and i have no any messages. There are no pointer cursor when i hover the button and it is not clickable. After refresh the page - it became ok


Anybody can help me? 



define(['phaser_layer', 'models/seat'], function(phaser_layer, seat_model) {    var public = function(context) {        this.phaser_layer = phaser_layer;        var that = this;        this.create = function(seat_number, position, click) {            var object = new seat_model(seat_number, position, click);            object.layer        = this.phaser_layer.layer.add.button(position.x, position.y, this.phaser_layer.asset_definitions.player_open_seat);            object.layer.inputEnabled = true;            object.layer.input.useHandCursor = true;            console.log('set cursor');            object.layer.events.onInputDown.add(function() {	        console.log('click');                object.onClick(object, click);            }, this);	    console.log('add event');            return object;        }    }    return new public(this);})
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