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Blender shadows


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Hi all


If I create a scene in Blender, together with lights, how do I get those lights to cast shadows in Babylon?


If I must use directional lights in addition to the Blender scene to act as a shadow source, how do I define which objects cast and which receive? 




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Hi Paul - good to see you here. Seems a while since we chatted at the Guardian. :)


The image below shows the two property panel tabs that you need.


A. Select the objects you want to cast and receive shadows then check the appropriate boxes for shadows. It is possible to self shadow  (both cast and receive) but I've not tried that. A search of the forum will help for self shadowing.


B. Select the lights that you want to generate shadows (Point, Sun, Spotlight) then chose the the Shadow Map Type and Size.


Hope that helps.


cheers, gryff :)




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