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Creature - 2D Procedural Bone + Mesh Animation Tool with HTML5/WebGL Support released!


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Hello Devs,

I am the developer of Creature. Today I am pleased to announce the Windows version of the Creature Automated 2D Skeletal + Mesh Animation Tool.
What can Creature do? 
Please have a look at the trailer here:
Phaser WebGL Demos
Next check out this live WebGL demo of a character authored in Creature and exported onto the web:
Another Phaser Demo with Sprite Swapping:
Here are some dinosaurs authored in Creature and running in a game engine:
Automated Walk Cycles + Secondary Motion(Cloth, Hair, Flesh effects)
Animating Walk Cycles and complex secondary motion is easy with Creature's Procedural Motor system. Making a walking character is as simple
as dropping in a set of Walking Motors into the limbs and tweaking the motor parameters:
Want to make a flying bird with a dynamic tail? Drop in some flap motors and bend physics into the skeleton and watch it go:
Easily animate front facing characters with breathing motions using motors as well:
Advanced Sprite Swapping with Procedural + Physics Motors
In addition to bone and mesh animation, Creature also allows you to swap in traditional custom drawn
sprite frames in an advanced way.
Swapped in sprite frames actually deform and react with the rest of the procedural system, allowing you to
produce some rather sophisticated effects:
High End VFX Features in a 2D Animation Package
Creature brings high end VFX features into the world of 2D animation. 
With Creature you can do Soft Body Dynamics for squishy characters,
Path Authoring + Transfer and even Motion Capture from a video file.
Game Engine and Export Format(s) Support
Creature supports most of the major game engines. (Unreal Engine, Cocos2dx, Unity, MonoGame, LibGDX, PixiJS, Phaser, ThreeJS, BabylonJS).
It also supports export to individual image frames, spritesheets, animated GIF and Autodesk FBX (for bone motors)
Full game engine support is written here:
Full Documentation
A good tool requires well written documentation. All functions and features of the Creature animation tool
are documented here:
In addition to writeups, video tutorials of most major topics are also provided:
Game Engine Runtime documentation is here:
Thank you for reading this post and let me know if you have any questions.
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Hello all,


A lot of features and enhancements have been made for Creature recently.


You can now pose a chain of bones directly using your Pen/Stylus:


A new specialised motor called the Leg motor designed to handle complicated walk cycles, running, gait etc. has also been added.

Here is a demo running live in Phaser showing you the new capabilities of this motor:




Phaser WebGL link:



Youtube Video link:



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