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Getting a sprite body


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Hello hello,


I'm using Phaser-tiled to render collision objects/bodies and I have a sprite I control manually that runs around a level. 


The goal is to have the sprite be able to remove a collision object/body. Currently I am using getTile and passing x,y coordinates but getTile doesnt return the physics body that is set in phaser-tiled.


Is there a way to get a sprite body via x and y coordinates? 



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Alright I was able to solve myself, but logging it here in case anyone needs/stumbled upon this. 

First I get the location of my sprite character:


var myPoint = new Phaser.Point(this.sprite.x +32, this.sprite.y); 


my tilesize is 32 so I add this to get the tile to the right of my sprite -> Then I do a hittest and store it in a variable called collisionBody.


this.collisionBody = this.game.physics.p2.hitTest(myPoint);



Then I remove the Body by calling the parent of the collisionBody. Will need to turn off the optimization part for collisionBodies in the phaser-tiled call though... if I had a group of 3 sprites together it would remove the collision for all of them.  

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