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Problem with animation in Phaser


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Hi all. I have a large problem with using phaser.js


We have developed a game. It is game with animation on the game-table (animation of casino cards etc.).

We use Phaser 2.0.3, Requirejs, Underscore, Jquery and our own models.


Sometimes (once in 5-10 minutes) when page loads animation do not start. Also click events on objects are not available too.


Page reload solves problem and game back to normal. This problem is not permanent: sometimes it is ok, but sometimes we have a problem.


All buttons, sprites and texts load normally, but animation - no.


I tried to debug some buttons behaviour. For example I tried to make console.log messages when hovering the object, but there is no message when game loaded with the problem. 


I think it is global bug with the loading Phaser system, but I don't know how to understand the reason.


One way to reproduce the problem (as I know) is: opening FIREBUG when the page is loading. In most cases it leads to a problem.


Please, help me, I need an advice how to test and fix this problem.

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