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WebGL Ads (Unity)


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Hi guys i litrally just joined after looking through this site which by the way is awesome! 


I would like to know something i have been researching for quite some time now, I was wandering if there is or is a possibility that you can display ads within unity's webgl build?


I know this isn't a unity forum but its the only place i can find with quite a lot of people with experience in HTML 5, i have been looking on Stack overflow, searching individual networks, Leadbolt and a lot more, but there is no concrete answer on any of them. 


The ones that i have found require the use of a mobile SDK, I want to be web based not mobile at all?

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Does this thread help? Because the Unity Plugin is cross compiled to JS using Emscripten, shoe-horning ads in might be tricky. But hey, I'm not a Unity expert - maybe somebody else knows a way.


With PlayCanvas, we've used LeadBolt perfectly happily and it works great. Since the engine is handwritten, open sourced JavaScript, it's super-easy to use whatever ad solution you want. Just thought I'd mention it since if you can use Unity, you'll be right at home with PlayCanvas.  :D

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