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Chaining animations? (or animations in sequence)


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I want to be able to start animation "B" immediately after "A" is finished.

I can't make them all one big animation because it's dynamic.


Here's my example:




I'm trying to:


1.) Move the cube

2.) When it's finished, fade it out


What's the best way to do it? Using the onAnimationEnd callback isn't working, it's looping the first animation.


Any help appreciated, thanks!

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Interesting code Temechon - but I have a question about the clearing of the animation array. You use this code:

// Remove the first animation        var index = box.animations.indexOf(anim);        box.animations.splice(index, 1);

Could you just not use this code:

// Remove the first animation        box.animations = [];

It seems to work

Is there a reason you do it using the splice function ?


cheers, gryff :)

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There is no specific reason in this case to use the splice function over creating a new array. In both cases, the garbage collector will do its work.

However, if the box has other animations (like a rotation on itself), creating a new array will delete it as well (as it will delete all animations linked to the box).

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TY for your reply Temechon. :)


I have said before, I'm just a javascript "duffer" but as I said above, I find this an interesting piece of code - something that I will probably play around with.


Funny how just two lines of code can stimulate some thoughts.


cheers, gryff :)



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