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Player sprite is invisible with no physics


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This is a game that used to work. I moved some of the vars into the player object because that's where they belong. But I believe I've created a scoping problem or something related. The player sprite is now invisible and physics is no longer enabled. I cannot see where the issue is. There is a map sprite which is part of the player sprite and that is visible. It's very odd. I think it's something simple but I cannot seem to find the culprit:


The player gets instantiated as follows:

this.player = new Player(this, this.earth.x, this.earth.y);

The player object looks like this:

var Player = function(main, x, y, frame){this.playerScale = main.GAME_SCALE;var key = 'player';Phaser.Sprite.call(this, main.game, x, y, key, frame);this.anchor.setTo(0.5);this.scale.setTo(this.playerScale * 1.6);this.MAXHEALTH = 100;this.MAXCHARGE = 100;this.MAXTURNINCREMENT = 0.1;this.MAXTURNRATE = 4;this.MINTURNRATE = 0.8;this.WARP_DISCHARGE = 0.2;this.SHIELD_DISCHARGE = 4;this.MAXVELOCITY = this.playerScale * 3500;this.WARPVELOCITY = this.playerScale * 16;this.MAXTHRUST = this.playerScale * 50;this.health = this.MAXHEALTH;this.charge = this.MAXCHARGE;this.thrust = this.MAXTHRUST;this.turnRate = 0;this.maxTurnRate = this.MAXTURNRATE;this.turnIncrement = this.MAXTURNINCREMENT;this.maxVelocity = this.MAXVELOCITY;this.shieldStrength = this.MAXCHARGE;this.warpDrive = this.MAXCHARGE;this.warpModifier = 5;this.isAlive = true;this.isReloaded = true;this.isBurning = false;this.isWarping = false;this.isShielded = false;main.game.physics.arcade.enableBody(this);this.body.bounce.set(0.8);this.checkWorldBounds = true;this.body.collideWorldBounds = true;this.begin = true;this.nukes = 0;this.missiles = 0;this.hasShields = false;// Set player mapthis.map = main.game.add.sprite(main.width - main.mapSize - main.mapOffset + parseInt(this.x * main.mapGameRatio), parseInt(this.y * main.mapGameRatio) + main.mapOffset, 'playermap');this.map.fixedToCamera = true;this.map.anchor.setTo(0.5);this.map.scale.setTo(2);// Set player animationsthis.animations.add('drift', [0]);this.animations.add('shield', [1]);this.animations.play('drift', 20, true);this.map.animations.add('tracking', [0,1]);this.map.animations.play('tracking', 10, true);};Player.prototype = Object.create(Phaser.Sprite.prototype);Player.prototype.constructor = Player;Player.prototype.onRevived = function() {this.health = this.MAXHEALTH;this.turnIncrement = this.MAXTURNINCREMENT;this.maxVelocity = this.MAXVELOCITY;this.maxTurnRate = this.MAXTURNRATE;this.thrust = this.MAXTHRUST;this.isBurning = false;this.warpDrive = this.MAXCHARGE;};

I have console logged this object and there are no NaN or undefined properties, so it seems like everything is getting in there, but the player ship does not appear and is no longer supporting physics. What stupid thing have I done here?


You can see the game here:



The repo is here:



PS -  do you have a paid support option yet?

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