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atlasXML Texture Loading issue in Mozilla


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This is my first project using Phaser i need help to solve atlasXML loading Sprite sheet.


I am getting these errors..


"Phaser.Loader - Fishes: invalid XML (text)" phaser.js:56694:12
"Phaser.Loader - textureatlas[Fishes]: invalid XML" phaser.js:55975:12
"Texture with key 'Fishes' not found." phaser.js:35781:16
not well-formed Phaser:1:1
game.load.atlasXML('Fishes', 'assets/Fishing.png', 'assets/Fishing.xml');
used this line in preload().
blor = game.add.sprite(1000,200,'Fishes','blu-orng0000');
used this line in create().
Images are being loaded in Chrome and IE11 but not in Mozilla.


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