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Add Camera offset to mouse pointer when dragging sprite


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As-is Situation:

I have a world with more width than the game has, because the camera should follow a sprite that is draggable by mouse and can be thrown through the world.




My problem: 

When the camera follows the sprite, the game.input.mousePointer has not the offset of the camera, so that i cannot grab the sprite when it is on the right side.

function mouseDragStart() {    game.physics.box2d.mouseDragStart(game.input.mousePointer);    startX=Math.round(sprite.x);    startY=Math.round(sprite.y);    headline.text='Start Point: (' + startX + ','+ startY +')';}function mouseDragMove() {    game.physics.box2d.mouseDragMove(game.input.mousePointer);}


How can i add the offset to the mouse pointer that i can grab the sprite when it is on the right side?


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When i assign the mousePointers worldX to x it works... but i don't know if this is the solution?

function mouseDragMove() {    // When not adding this two lines, the camera offset is not dragged    // when the beer is on the right side    game.input.mousePointer.x=game.input.mousePointer.worldX;    game.input.mousePointer.y=game.input.mousePointer.worldY;    game.physics.box2d.mouseDragMove(game.input.mousePointer);}
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