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Warning! Avoid Wepay.com invoicing services


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Just thought I'd warn fellow developers. Anyone looking for invoicing services should avoid wepay.com! I thought they seemed easier to use then paypal and sent one of my first invoices through them. They refused to process the payment until I showed them the game contract and proved my business was legitimate. It was sort of embarrassing for me as a company having to ask my client to wait for a refund and repay the invoice through another company (paypal)


If your looking to send paypable invoices over the internet stick with paypal!

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Oh shoot! This is news to me. Any clue what countries are blacklisted?

Official listing. Non-whitelisted countries mostly include smaller ones in Africa, islands, and a fair of post-USSR countries. Oh, and Egypt, for some reason. Overall I'm not very sure of their criteria.

Also PayPal generally gives no ETA on when it's going to be fully available in a specific country.

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