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Strange frame rate issue - reduces drastically when camera moves, restores after 5-10 seconds


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I have this strange issue. I have been coding and adding feature since past few month. I don't know exactly when this started. But last I added some HTML UI with jquery.. 


So model loads fine. And when move the camera (change position) , framerate immediately gets reduced to 5-6 fps (Including potential). Then If I stop the camera for 5-10 second it again comes back to 60 fps steady (potential 200-300). Or even if I just change the camera rotation , it stays stead at 60fps. Only when I move the camera, it gets reduced drastically. 


This is true even for a camera view which has just couple hundreds active vertices and 3-4 draw calls. 


Since this is related to camera move, Is the collision creating problem?  I have enabled collision for all objects.

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This sounds like a collision related issue.

How complex are the meshes in the proximity of the camera? Is gravity enabled? Is the ground a high poly object?

What version are you using? 2.1? You can give the worker collision a try. If the fps reduction is due to collisions, this might keep your fps high. The camera however will continue to stutter, the same as without.

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