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Different graphics height in Firefox


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I am creating a game where I am using game.add.graphics to draw a rectangle.

In Firefox, rectangle height is greater by few pixels than in Chrome.

Phaser version is 2.1.2.


Here's the picture from Chrome (version 43.0.2357.124) post-12275-0-78286600-1434730715.png and Firefox (version 38.0.5) post-12275-0-01593300-1434730724.png


And here's the code:

var t = thisgame.add.graphics(0,0);var g = thisgame.add.group();        var text = thisgame.add.text(0, 0, 'hello',{font: '15px Tahoma', fill: '#FFF'});text.x = 5;t.beginFill(0x000, 0.6);t.drawRect(0, 0, text.width + 10, 20);t.endFill();g.add(t);g.add(text);g.x = 150;g.y = 200;
Is the problem with browser or something else?
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