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Where to start - Python - JS - Engine: Blender? Librarys?


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Hello Community, 


I've already got many infos here in the forums but due to the fact that these are way too much and I am still not sure where to start, I'd like to ask you guys.


For learning purpose I'd like to create a tower defense - 2D Game - Pixel Art Sprites. I have a programming background but I am not a professional, I used python / JavaScript - myqsl flask for Webdevelopment. My main language is python but I am not afraid to learn a new one. My brother is coding in C# and I made some sprites for him already which where okay.


So, I was thinking about pygame (which looked really not so good) and Blender as the engine or Unity? But these are mainly 3D Engines for modeling.


Which libraries should I use? I've red about Pixi.js Panda and Impact, but impact costs money? Its important that the tools are free.



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Phaser is a very good choice for 2D game development. It is open source, so is free to use and has a really helpful and very active community, particularly, on these forums. The examples are a good place to start.


It currently uses Pixi.js for rendering but adds a lot of game specific code to help you in creating 2D games. For getting a game up and running really quickly I've not found anything better.

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