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How to find first non-zero element in tile layer in Tiled map


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After much searching and not finding, I must ask:



I'm wanting to scan through a tilemap layer looking for the first non-zero tile element in that layer (happens to be the collision layer).  I know how to find the element in the JSON file, but I want to automate that in the game due to the fact reshuffling my tilesets causes the collision tile index to change.


When I try to use the Tilemap.searchTileIndex(....) function,


thusly,  var cID = game.map.searchTileIndex(<a tile index#>, 0, false, game.CollisionLayer)


I get an odd error "game.map.searchTileIndex is not a function"

Looking inside phaser.js I cannot find any reference to searchTileIndex at all.  Surely I'm missing something, but...
Any help would be appreciated.


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