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Sprites disappear after restarting game


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I've tried everything I could think of in the shutdown() function but when I restart a game I cannot get it to restart in the same state it was in when I first loaded it in my browser. When my game ends there is a prompt to restart and when the user clicks the mouse, this function is called:

this.game.state.start('Game', true, false);

It seems to do its job but for whatever reason the alien ship sprite and its accompanying map sprite are invisible despite the fact that I can verify they're created. Not incidentally, this is the same function that starts the game the first time. I am perplexed why the exact same function wouldn't work the same way when called a second time.


You can see it in action here:




I've tried about six different ways to shutdown() the game but to no avail. My guess is the sprites are not being added to the game object (or something?) but I have to wonder why the same function which sets up the game would do it differently the second time it runs.



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