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Getting elements from Group


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How do I pick specific members of a group?


My naive solution was:


  • create all elements and add them to the group (basic for loop)
  • at the same step, add the created element to an Array variable
  • get specific members at play time by their Array's reference


Besides that, how do I change a member's group? For example, there is a hockey team group and there is a Player+ball group, any member of Hockey's team can become a Player+ball group.





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If you want to target specific members of a group, I believe you'll have to iterate through all of them.


For example:

group.forEach(function(member, param1) {	if(param1 > 50 && member.hp < 250) {		// do stuff	}}, this, true, param1);

I think Phaser objects that can be in a group aren't restricted to just that group.


But if you later want to get the same targets again later, it's probably better for performance to add them in a new group, rather than iterate through the main group over and over again.


And if you want to remove a member from a group, do something like

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