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how does setBounds work?


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I've read the documentation that says:



Updates the size of this world and sets World.x/y to the given values The Camera bounds and Physics bounds (if set) are also updated to match the new World bounds.


So for example if I have a 320 x 200 canvas and want to extend that to 480 x 380 (random numbers here) I would do:


BUT would that yield this result



or this result



Would I have to give negative margins if it presently outputs result 1?



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I still can't understand centering.
If I add let's say 100px on the left and right of the screen like this:

var game = this.game;    bound_margin = 100;    newLeft = this.game.world.bounds.left-bound_margin;    newRight = this.game.world.bounds.right+bound_margin;    game.world.setBounds(newLeft, 0, newRight, window.innerHeight);    // THIS MUGHT BE WRONG    bg = game.add.tileSprite(newLeft, 0, newRight, window.innerHeight, 'background');

and then add some camera panning like so: 

update: function() {    if (cursors.left.isDown) {        this.game.camera.x -= bound_margin;    }    if (cursors.right.isDown) {        this.game.camera.x += bound_margin;    }}

the camera only moves to one side!




Also what I don't understand is why even with the new bounds in place the ship drawing point still remains at the top left of the window.

It should be out of the window?

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Ok, I've just understood by myself.


There is no particular need to set negative boundaries UNLESS you want to then calculate a 0-based area.


You only need to create the new bounds starting at 0,0, make them as big as you like, THEN center the camera.

Job done.

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