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Resize Resolution for different Devices?


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i want to create a browsergame, that runs in the Browser on PC, Mac, Android Tablet and Ipad. 


These systems have different screen sizes / resolutions.


Is it possible to create one file for all of them, and make phaser/the system resize the game automatically?

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Hi, some time ago I wrote tutorial on this topic here: http://sbcgamesdev.blogspot.cz/2015/04/phaser-tutorial-manage-different-screen.html


There are generally two problems:

 - letterboxing/pillaring, when you have black bars in top and bottom or on left and right,

 - stretching: no letterbox / pillars as graphics is stretched, but it may look ugly,


Solution described at link above is somewhere between. It eliminates boxing to some extent without stretching, but if screen size is really wierd then comes stretching. I am happy with it and I use it for all my games.

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