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Physics problem with rounded sprites


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Hi, first to all I want to salute everyone, I'm new in ths community.


Well, I open this topic because I'm having some troubles witht the Sprites which I'm using...


My idea is to make a game of play between balls, I have loaded some sprites of 25x25 pixels, but the problem is that as you can see, when the corner of these two balls touch, they colide.




In the image the sprites are coliding, but the balls don't, how can I "cut" these sprite's corners?


Thanks to everyone, lets see how can I Fix it

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  you should mention which physics system are you using, if ARCADE, that you are describing desired behaviour because it uses bounding box as a body (rectangle). If you want to go with physics collision of circles with arcade physics you'll have to probably prepare you own collision function or look it up on the internet. Otherwise you can go with other physics system which support other shapes of bodies as well, check ti here and here P2 physics examples.


Was it helpful?

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