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Contact/Collides event on P2


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Hi, I'm working on P2 physics and my idea is to have a player who controls the ball and moves with it, and when he wants, he can shoot the ball, but I've got two problems... 


Actually I'm using a ContactCallback function, where if I push the SPACEBAR, it kicks the ball.



function create(){   
ball.body.setBodyContactCallback(player,chutar, this);    




function chutar(body1, body2){



        var calcX=1;
        var calcY=1;
        var referencia=25;
           calcY= -(player.y-ball.y)/referencia;
        }else if(player.y===ball.y){



The problem I've got is that the ball is kicked only when I touch the ball while pressing SPACEBAR. That's a possibility which I also want, but I also want to control the ball and once they are in contact, be able to shoot, or maybe keep controlling, 


Actually I have to separate the player of the ball to be able to shoot :/ I want to shoot it every time I press the SPACEBAR and they are touching, I don't know if the problem is in the "ContactCallBack "method or maybe on the  key.isDown.


I tried to use key.onDown, but I had another problem, the first time works correctly, but after it I could kick the ball from anywhere even If I wasn't touching it  :huh:  :huh: .


Any idea how to fix it???

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