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Disabling drag / mouse input


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I have a game with a level editor, where the user can press a button and switch to play-test state.

Once that happens, I disable the dragging on certain game objects.


However I'm running into a problem that leads me to think that the way I'm removing the input handlers is wrong ( more likely ), or there is a bug in phaser (less likely)


What's happening it seems is that this bit, seems to be in contradiction with itself:

//  Just run through the linked list        if (this.game.input.interactiveItems.total > 0)        {            var currentNode = this.game.input.interactiveItems.next;            do              {                //  If the object has a higher InputManager.PriorityID OR if the priority ID is the same as the current highest AND it has a higher renderOrderID, then set it to the top                if (currentNode.priorityID > this._highestInputPriorityID || (currentNode.priorityID == this._highestInputPriorityID && currentNode.sprite.renderOrderID > this._highestRenderOrderID))                {                    if (currentNode.checkPointerOver(this))                    {

this.game.input.interactiveItems.total is 2, however this.game.input.interactiveItems.next is null right from the first iteration of the loop.


Here's an image that may be able to shed some more light.



My add remove code looks a bit like this:

    /**     * Used to re-enable dragging if it [disable] has been called     */    enable: function(){      var view = this.gameObject.getView()      view.inputEnabled = true;      view.events.onDragStart.add( this.onDragStart, this );      view.events.onDragStop.add( this.onDragEnd, this );      view.input.enableDrag(false, false, false, false, null, null );      if( this.snapToGrid ) {        view.input.enableSnap( FlexGame.model.GameConfig.GRID_SIZE, FlexGame.model.GameConfig.GRID_SIZE, true, true );      }    },    /**     * Used to disable dragging temporarily     */    disable: function(){      var view = this.gameObject.getView();      view.inputEnabled = false;      view.events.onDragStart.remove( this.onDragStart, this );      view.events.onDragStop.remove( this.onDragEnd, this );      view.input.disableDrag();    },

Any thoughts?

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Turns out this was a bug in the LinkedList#remove implementation. 

I replaced it with, in a pull request https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/pull/75

if( child == this.first )  this.first = this.first.next;      // It was 'first', make 'first' point to first.nextelse if ( child == this.last ) this.last = this.last.prev; // It was 'last', make 'last' point to last.prev if( child.prev ) child.prev.next = child.next; // make child.prev.next point to childs.next instead of childif( child.next ) child.next.prev = child.prev; // make child.next.prev point to child.prev instead of childchild.next = child.prev = null; if( this.first == null ) this.last = null; this.total--;
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