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Return a mesh


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Good morning everyone,


I'm trying to return a mesh from one object to the main scope, something like.

unit.prototype.getMesh = function(){     return this.mesh;}.....main scope:unit1 = new unit();..all the operations with the unit (load mesh, etc...)..console.log (unit1.getMesh());

Problem is.... this doesn't work, returns undefined, but... if I put a console.log(this.mesh) on the getMesh method, I do get the mesh on the console. Strange..... The problem is.. I do need to return the mesh, because I need to test the intersection between that mesh and another one.


Ideas anyone?


Thanks in advance.

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Forget it.. it's solved, it was something related to how javascript works.


Javascript was actually trying to do getMesh() before the mesh was loaded, solved with a if (typeof !== undefined).


But I still have a problem.


The Blender imported meshes don't seem to have _boundinginfo. So i'm not beeing able to test the intersection. Is this a bug, or I really have to parent a new bounding box to the mesh?

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It has I wasn't doing right, I already posted another question about this. I'm not beeing able to put the intersect working with moveWithCollisions, something is missing, i'm doing something wrong, i just can't figure it out yet.

Thanks anyway Delta. :)

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