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Crosswalk issues


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I'm wrapping my Phaser game using Crosswalk to deploy to Android. Ran into 2 issues that I haven't found any good ways to resolve through searching online. If you anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.




1. How do I disable "pull down to refresh"?  There are some suggestions on stackoverflow for capturing touch events on the html page but these would have to go into every page and disrupt normal handling of other touch events. Is there a way to just disable it for the runtime period?


2. Orientation lock doesn't seem to work.  I tried setting it via manifest.json, via commandline, and in code using window.screen.lockOrientation. Not sure if this is an Android 5.0 issue. Anyone else seen this? 



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If you're used to cordova, you can now use it and crosswalk as a pluggable webview, by installing it as a cordova plugin. It might help you in the future as cordova has some nice features. (pull-to-refresh is disable by default too)


1/ I don't know about crosswalk, have you tried putting a flag like "--disable-pull-to-refresh" when using make_apk.py ? I suppose there must be something like that.


2/ What your manifest.json looks like ? You can lock the orientation with this line "orientation": "portrait"

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