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[HTML5 Novice] Creating games for a profit, online interaction?


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I've been programming for a couple of years now, although mostly in Java and C#. I have experience with almost every decent networking API there is when it comes to these languages. However I've never really thought about making games. Well, I have, but I've never really decided to see an idea through until now.


I've written out a fairly large game-plan, and while it's not a "MMO" it could very easily be one. It's not based around a large amount of content or fancy graphics. It's not even 3D. The idea was to create a cross-platform game that could be enjoyed between everyone. 


I'm sure everyone has heard of wartune, so I'll be using it as an example. The idea is similar. A small open-world in which you can attack other players in an automated battle, an arena system, building and upgrading a base, etc. However, I have a ton of key components to make it completely different from any other game that I've ever seen before, and it's all written on paper.


I have a pretty solid monetization plan for the game as-well, while keeping the game-play fair, and not favoring the people who can just toss money at nothing. 




Anyhow, I'm beginning to wonder if HTML5 would be a good place to start with this project, obviously if I use HTML5 the server is going to have to be completely authoritative (Like it should be to begin with) as the client source code is going to be available. My other options are to use Unity (which I have previous experience with) and writing a stateless server to handle requests. (I feel that a stated connection isn't necessary for a project like this, until you get into multi-player rendering, etc, which I'm not going to worry about in early stages.)


If I decide to go with HTML5 I'll probably end up using NodeJS for the server, however the non-binary nature of JavaScript bothers me. I really enjoy being able to send bytes/shorts/ints/etc over the network and not having to worry about data segmentation. 




I'm curious as to how you would recommend marketting a game like this though. Granted it's:


  1. Fun
  2. Addicting
  3. Polished
  4. Makes you want to spend money


In the event you don't have an advertisement budget.  I can do all of the art and programming myself, but I'm just a teen without much of a budget. (Currently making around $600/mo online with mobile apps and that goes into car note / insurance)



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If this is your first attempt at a game, you really should keep it simple. It is best to experiment your monetisation ideas on simpler games first.

As for HTML5 vs Unity... If you want the game to be played through a web browser, then HTML5 is the better choice.

If you want to have a native version for each platform, then Unity is the better choice.

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